Planning Appeals

When you can appeal

Your local planning authority makes decisions on planning applications.

You can appeal a planning decision if either:

  • you disagree with it
  • the decision wasn’t made within 8 weeks (13 weeks for a major development, such as a building of more than 1,000 square metres)

There’s no fee for appealing, however there will be fees from appointed experts to fight your case.

Deadline for appealing

If you disagree with a decision, you must appeal within 6 months of the date on the decision notice from your local planning authority.

If they didn’t make a decision within 8 weeks, you can appeal up to 6 months after the decision was due.

The deadline’s earlier if you’ve received an enforcement notice – you must appeal within 28 days of the notice.

With our extensive list of experts, we can submit an appeal of your behalf, we will submit the application complete with the required expert reports to ensure the highest possible favourable outcome.

When you can expect a decision?

Once your appeal has been validated, you’ll normally get a decision within 19 weeks.