Environmental Impact Assessments

We can provide full Environmental Impact Assessments statements for your development.

The requirement for environmental impact assessments (EIA) increases year on year, the amount of information required also increases.

We can undertake the submission of a completed report for you or help you to collate the information required for a credible submission.

Through our extensive database of professional contacts we can refer you to an expert in any field. We are happy to liaise with the assessor and the local authority to produce a meaningful and acceptable assessment. An EIA is the process which aims to identify any environmental effects that would take place following the development of a proposed construction project. It aims to highlight both the positive and negative effects, and looks for ways to prevent, reduce or offset any adverse impact to the environment.

The first stage would be to ask the local planning authority (LPA) to provide a screening opinion on the development, to see if, in their opinion, an EIA is required. If following this an EIA is required the LPA will define the information to be included in the report. We will then collate the data and it will be included in the planning application submission as an Environmental Statement.

The second stage involves the LPA evaluating the statement and, if required, requesting additional information from the applicant. This stage takes in to account the concerns of statutory consultations and public representation. This process ensures that suitable mitigation measures can be specified by the LPA prior to determination of the application.

We have extensive knowledge of the type of reports required and can manage the production of your environmental statement using a host of experienced specialist companies.